Better Choice for DPF/GPF
As non-intumescent mat has no vermiculite composition and excellent edge anti-erosion performance, it is a better solution for DPF and GPF.
Mat only with FIBER and BINDER
KY-Mat have revolutionary developed non-intumescent CNE and PNE. No additional intumescent material needed as state-of-the-art processing technology lead to a fiber matrix strong enouth to offer excellent holding force in whole life cycle.
The mild responds of peak-pressure vs. GBD of non-intumescent mat make it a good solution for canning ultra-thin-wall substrate, whose iso-strength is too low to keep safety with traditional intumescent mat material.
Ideal Partner of
Ultra-thin-wall Substrate
Without vermiculite inside, non-intumescent mat could works well under 1100 deg.C.
Ultra-High Temperature
The best design needs to be balance engineering safety and part cost.
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